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New name for MMC Green Technology

July, 2019

Graphics: MMC and NGT Logos

On 3 June 2019, a stock exchange statement was issued stating that, in connection with the sale of MMC First Process AS, Havyard Group would buy the company’s 77.28% majority interest in MMC Green Technology AS. In connection with this, an agreement was made to change the company’s name.

Graphics: MMC and NGT Logos

The new name is Norwegian Greentech AS. Norwegian Greentech AS is now an independent company in the Havyard Group, and will continue to develop innovative ballast water treatment system for shipping companies and shipyards worldwide.

BRUNVOLL Acquires Scana Propulsion

March, 2017

Foto: ACG Drive Train
ACG Drive Train

Scana Volda and Scana Mar-El are now part of BRUNVOLL. BRUNVOLL thus completes its product line of propulsion, manoeuvring and positioning systems.

Foto: Thorque™ Drive Train
Thorque™ Drive Train

This step has expanded BRUNVOLL's product portfolio, which now supplies all maritime propulsion systems with the associated controls from a single source. Each package can be tailored to individual requirements. BRUNVOLL's know-how guarantees optimized propeller systems that are designed for all challenges of the harsh marine environment.

About Steinbach Ingenieurtechnik

Steinbach Ingenieurtechnik (SI) is the exclusive representative of the Norwegian manufacturer in Germany and the Benelux countries. SI specialises in drive and ballast water management systems and offers complete BRUNVOLL drive, positioning and manoeuvring systems.